Assassin’s Creed Meme ♠ (4/4) Male Assassins → Altair Ibn La’ahad

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My part of the art trade with the lovely yeahyeahyeaaah.

I hope I got Garrett’s outfit right and I hope you like it!

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 asked: Arno or Ezio

Nine; Arata Kokonoe; 九重新

"Thanks, Sousuke."

Anonymous: what program do you use for coloring? do you have any tips for coloring?

I use photoshop cs6! 

oh man you have really chose the wrong person to ask this like I actually consider colouring my weakest point in terms of editing (hence my 942 black & white edits) and tbh I suck at colour theory so I may not be of much help lmao but there are tons of tutorials out there yep yep

but yeah when I first began editing I downloaded a bunch of psds just to open them to see wtf people were doing (as in in terms of what kinds of adjustments and effects etc. people were using and how they used them) so maybe you could do that? yeah basically just. start with the basics and play around with 

this shit

if you want to colour like me all you have to do is to jack up the brightness/contrast in photoshop and use yellow for everything honestly my colouring is so lazy

assassin’s creed unity on youtube.
inspiration [x]

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↳ Anonymous asked: Azula or Zuko

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this is my only hypothesis